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Automatically upload tracking numbers from Walmart, Overstock, Sears and many more

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Tracking number

Automatic updates

We monitor your Gmail mailbox for incoming tracking emails, then automatically update your eBay account with the right shipping information.

Experienced team

System has been developed and is maintained by a highly experienced tech team, together with some of the most experienced dropshippers in the world.

Mobile compatible

Our backend has been designed 'mobile first' in a responsive way. As a result the full service will work seamlessly on your smartphone, tablet and large format desktop.

Configurable notifications

Get a notification when we match a new order, or only when an error occurs and your attention is required, as you like. You'll be up to date about the status right away.

New services

We add new providers/suppliers on a regular base. If you need matching for a specific tracking email, talk to us and if possible, we'll add it for you and all other customers.

Security taken seriously

We follow best practice in data security and are compatible to the strictest data protection regulations. We store only the minimum required data and use strong encryption for that.

This is Why You Will
Love UpdateDuck

Dropshipping is lucrative, but some repetative tasks can be done without. Updating the tracking number from the tracking email into ebay is one of the most annoying things to do. After a one-minute setup, you will never have to look at it again if you don't want.

Or do, because the dashboard and statistics are beautiful!

  • Great user interface
  • Quick & easy to set up
  • Get notified if anything is wrong
  • 5 day free trial, after that:
  • Only $11.99 per month
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Compatible with

UpdateDuck works with the following providers, and we keep adding new ones regularly.

Dropship smarter = dropship more

If you're just starting dropshipping, or been on the game for a long time already, you will recognize that it's essential to automate as many tasks as you can and focus on the most important aspects of it. You would want order handling to be as easy as possible and without nagging repetative tasks that are easy to avoid. The key to a profitable dropship business is to do it smarter.

Being able to trust a reliable system to take on the tasks you don't have to deal with will allow you to focus on your research and order processing.

UpdateDuck tracks orders from the following suppliers:

How does UpdateDuck work?

Depending on how busy our system is, we scan your connected mailbox(es) every 10-30 minutes for new incoming tracking numbers. Once we detect an email that could potentially contain tracking information (based on sender and subject), we download it and analyse it for tracking information. We extract the details, and connect to eBay to see if we can find a matching order. If found, we will automatically add the number to the order, and send you a brief email to confirm everything went as planned (if you want). If we run into any problems, we'll notify you right away so you can resolve the issue manually.

We keep adding new suppliers to our system, and we are happy to accept your suggestions. It is important that your supplier does note the shipping details clearly in a confirmation email.

Quick set up, and manage from everywhere

Once UpdateDuck is set up and linked to your email (Gmail), Ebay and paypal account (for monthly payment), it should all work automatically and you can litirally sit back and relax while we scan your mailbox for incoming tracking notifications. Once we find one, we will try to match it to eBay, and we will update the tracking number once we find a matching order. If we can not match the order, we'll send you a quick email to look into it yourself.

The more emails we process, the better our smart matching algorithm learns to recognize emails, and the better we can match for you. We are constantly improving the algorithm and keep training our system.

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